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Polish Chamber Of Trade (Polska Izba Handlu) was set up in 1997 as an economic self-government organisation representing interests of trade environment in Poland.


Polish Chamber of Trade is the organisation gathering almost 50 entities and companies from retail, wholesale, distribution, production, and FMCG related services. Subsequently we represent approx. 30 000 retail outlets around the Poland and by this fact we are biggest representation of the retail trade in Poland.


 Among strategic aims of our Chamber, there can be found following:

  • Preserving the niche of independent trade in Poland (both on the level of wholesale/distribution and retail)
  • Developing role of member of social dialog on the level of government relation
  • Strengthening the position of opinion making organization on the level equal to organizations representing other FMCG market areas
  • In terms of operational aims we focus on following:
  • Developing positive image of Polish trade companies and independent trade
  • Operations aimed at reducing red tape problems in economy
  • Submitting opinions for legislation proposals.
  • Acting for sustainable development and equal chances on the market for independent trade.
  • Representing Polish trade in relations with government and the EU institutions.
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